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The world champion of vote obstructers

Posted on January 19, 2017

By David Burress

The world champion of vote obstructers rides once more into the breech.

The indefatigable Chris Kobach is asking the Kansas legislature for yet another insidious barrier to voting. He wants authority to run a bifurcated election, in which people who registered using federally authorized forms would not be allowed to vote in state and local elections. He tried to do this on his own in the Fall without any authority, but the courts didn’t like it.  That was in response to a court order to obey federal election law, which requires simplified registration procedures.  I’m guessing the legislature will finally call a halt to Kobach’s excesses and reject this bifurcated absurdity.

You might guess that Kobach is proposing this procedure reluctantly, as a last ditch defense of his convoluted procedures for controlling the minuscule threat that aliens might cast a few illegal ballots in Kansas.  If so, you’d be wrong.  Actually, complexity and complication is the essence of what Kobach to trying to impose.


He is crying crocodile tears over the opportunity to claim that the courts have forced him to adopt ever more extreme ways to inhibit voting.
Registration hurdles are highly advantageous to Republicans because they bias the electorate toward people who:
–registered long ago at the same address
–do not ever change their name
–are skillful at negotiating bureaucracy
–were born in a Kansas hospital and have a birth certificate.
These folks are–surprise, surprise–disproportionately white male prosperous people who are no longer young.

Yet lots of people are taken in by the rhetoric. “You have to show ID to cash a check or fly. Why should voting be easier?”
Answer: because voting is a fundamental right. It should be the state’s job to help and not hinder your vote.

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