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Wanted: A Comprehensive Progressive Foreign Policy

Posted on March 21, 2017

By David Burress

Left-progressives, leftists, and pacifists seem to have great difficulty dealing honestly with military power. One the one hand they are united in opposing the extreme excesses of American militarism and national security statism: immense waste, horrible interventions, eternal wars, propping up dictators, antidemocratic control of national policy, domestic repression, military-congressional-industrial power complex, military Keynesianism.  However they have no unified vision of how they might use the military after the progressives took power.  Even worse, there are no well articulated and persuasive visions put forth by any leading left-wing intellectuals I know of.  Therefore the American people are fully justified in not trusting them to run American foreign policy.


I believe that, short of world government, a reasonably peaceful world order is impossible without a strong military power center that enforces it.  If that power center is to be a reasonably progressive force, then it must consist in an alliance of the world’s representative democracies.  Therefore calls to dismantle NATO (for example) strike me as wrong headed.  On the other hand, efforts to democratize control over military power are essential.  This is one of many reasons why democratizing the antidemocratic bureaucracy that runs the European Union is essential to American security.

1 thought on “Wanted: A Comprehensive Progressive Foreign Policy”

  1. Trakar Shaitanaku says:

    Remember, “Progressive” doesn’t mean pacifism. Progressive means science based and vetted. There is nothing wrong with a big stick, from a progressive perspective, provided that the best scientific analysis indicates that sound foreign policy requires the application of military power. Such is not inconsistent with sound progressive policy, merely inconsistent with the understandings of those who try to conflate progressivism with “nanny-state” kumbayaism.

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