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Unecessary Showdown on K-12 Schools

Posted on February 18, 2016

By David Burress

Wonderful game of Kansas Chicken shaping up:
In the fall as things stand now, the Kansas Supreme Court is likely to order all K12 schools closed until the legislature fixes its inequitable funding scheme. The radical right legislative leaders say they can’t do that in time and therefore aren’t even working on it. So at least by July the Republicans will realize they are about to go into an election led by the most unpopular sitting governor in Kansas history, just after closing down K12 education in state that really does care about good education. I don’t see the Supreme Court backing down, but the radicals will very likely be looking for a last minute compromise. Or this could actually be the election that turns the tide in Kansas—provided the moderate Republicans and Democrats step up with enough at least adequate candidates and funding. I feel quite sure that all political junkies will stay tuned.

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