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Two Big Propaganda Victories

Posted on December 2, 2016

By David Burress

Two acts of psychological warfare by its enemies have wounded the US and have disastrously altered the path of American history.  Both occurred in the 21st century.

9-11 had a death toll comparable to a significant battle or engagement, but it had no ordinary military objectives–i.e. it did not seek to occupy any territory or destroy any American military capability or disrupt the U.S. economy or infrastructure.  Its fully achieved goal was to persuade Americans to go to war against Islamist terrorists by presenting themselves as far more personally dangerous to Americans than they actually were and are.

The 2016 Russian intervention in the US Presidential election achieved its twin objectives of making Trump President while undercutting American faith in their own political institutions.  The effects of Russian hacking and strategic information sharing were probably marginal, but they likely were enough to tilt a close election, and in any case did cast doubt on our institutions.

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