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Trump vs. the Constitution…Again

Posted on April 4, 2017

By David Burress

Trump plans to punish cities and counties that refuse to violate the Constitution. Earlier, he issued an Executive Order to withhold federal grant money from cities that refuse to hold people in jail without warrants based on ICE supposition that they might be deportable–which would amount to kidnapping under color of law. Yesterday the Attorney General issued a list of “sanctuary” counties that don’t kidnap people, and said he will start enforcing the grant money penalties against them.


Just to be clear, Trump is demanding that local governments open themselves up to lawsuits from kidnap victims. Some cities have already lost significant sums of money that way.


Douglas County, Kansas was not on the list, even though the Sheriff is not honoring kidnap requests. Presumably that’s because we don’t have a formal policy.  Shame on us. If Jews were being deported, we ought to be wearing the Star of David.  The same goes for other kidnap victims.


Look for some more federal injunctions in Trump’s future.

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