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Three Talking Points Used in the Insane Defense of Monsanto

Posted on May 27, 2016

By David Burress

If you point out that 9 out of 10 Americans tested positive for Monsanto’s cancer-linked herbicide glyphosate, GMO defenders will reply that:
1. exposures are within allowed DOA and FDA limits and
2. reviews have show no evidence of human damage (yet), and
3. therefore you are a science denier.
In other words, objecting to having an artificial chemical added to your bloodstream without your consent makes you a Luddite and a malcontent.
Even though many scientific studies have already given cause to suspect this chemical may be dangerous.

Let alone the chemical soup problem: we know next to nothing about what happens when multiple artificial chemicals interact in your bloodstream.
(GMOs come into play because Round-up Ready GMO crops are what allows effective use of glyphosate against weeds. Also Round-up includes other chemical additives that have not been tested.)

2 thoughts on “Three Talking Points Used in the Insane Defense of Monsanto”

  1. Eric Bjerregaard says:

    In this short bit of propaganda you relied on the naturalist fallacy twice. “many scientific studies?” I noticed you linked to zero of those. Why? Because you don’t want anyone to point out the weaknesses or just made it up.

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