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The SS On Our Horizon

Posted on March 7, 2017

By David Burress

Trump has found his very own proto-stormtroopers in the form of border-enforcement agencies in the Department of Homeland Security.  They are now de facto claiming and exercising rights to:


–stop any vehicle anywhere and demand proof of American citizenship and look for visual evidence of contraband to justify a full search.
–detain anyone leaving or entering the country for prolonged questioning without any stated probable cause.
–search and copy the hard drives of anyone leaving or entering the country.
–prevent any noncitizen from entering the county, based on unstated, arbitrary, and largely unappealable grounds.
–prevent anyone at all from flying anywhere, based on a secret, arbitrary, and largely unappealable no-fly list.
–deport anyone at all without a hearing or access to an attorney based on the “sincere” belief they are a non-citizen who has committed almost any criminal or civil or even accidental technical violation of law or regulation.
–treat anyone being held for deportation hearings in a cruel and life-threatening manner without rights of appeal.


These powers are not at present being used against a political enemies list, but there are few procedural safeguards to prevent that from happening.  These powers are quite clearly being used to at least some extent in a discriminatory fashion aimed at Muslims and other minorities.  Given that Border Patrol units have a reputation as the most bigoted and proTrump individuals employed by US government, there is little likelihood that internal resistance to unConstitutional or illegal orders or procedures will hold them in check.  Moreover many of them seem to take Trump’s tweets as direct guidance.  What keeps them under some degree of control is external pressure on Trump to obey the law.


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