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The Invisible Koch-led Backwardization

Posted on March 2, 2016

By David Burress

When your I-road bridge collapses, think of the Wichita-based Kochs.

bridge collapse

Here are some well-documented facts everyone should know but doesn’t because you can’t get them in any clear form from the mass media.

1. The decaying U.S. infrastructure no longer meets first world standards…
2. which was entirely caused by Republican obstruction in Congress and the states…
3. which was entirely caused by a successful coalition of radicals, including anti-tax anti-government business libertarians, national security hawks, cryptoracists, and radical religious rightists…
4. which was conceived, led, and subsidized by a long-standing faction of radical right billionaires, most recently led by the Koch brothers of Wichita…
5. which was guided by a vision of reducing government to a nonentity consisting of little more than a mostly privatized police and military.

What we do not know with certainty is why they want to do this.
But even that question can be answered with a degree of confidence based on quite an accumulation of evidence:

Right-wing billionaires revel in inequality above all else. They want to be as high as possible above you and me, and they want to drive you and me down as low as possible.
And the only way that can be accomplished is by grinding down all government functions to nothing and replacing them with profit-making private services.

There is nothing the least bit irrational about what they doing, given their motives. Gradually turning the US into a second rate power is simply collateral damage, unimportant because their economic base is increasingly international. Destroying the climate and the ecology is unimportant because they don’t really care about long term consequences.

Either we take intelligent collective action or we are road kill.

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