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Why Terrorism Works: Cowardice.

Posted on June 20, 2017

By David Burress

The tactical goal of terrorism is to terrorize people.  It works because, and only because, politicians and newspapers unanimously help it work.


To the best of my knowledge, not one one major newspaper and no one major politician has ever had the courage to stand up after a terrorist gunman killed five people and say:Grow up! Stop falling for it! Terrorists want to scare you, but they really don’t matter very much!


1.Today and every day hospital errors kill 200 or a thousand people and no one says a word.

2. Today and every day automobile accidents kill 100 people and no one says a word.

3. Today and every day gun accidents kill 30 people and no one says a word.

4. Redirect money from anti-terrorism to any of those problems and you could save vastly more lives than terrorism will ever cost–and that includes 9/11.

5. Lightning and spiders and rattlesnakes and floods and swimming accidents and staircase falls all kill more people than terrorists and no one gets terrorized. Want to make a terrorist happy? Run scare headlines! Make pompous speeches! Hire more cops! Make it even harder to fly on airplanes!

6. There is one and only one anti-terrorism policy that works: ignore it. Treat it as ordinary background crime and let the police handle it like they handle drunk drivers (who are far more dangerous.)

Terrorists are in it for the attention. If you give them what they want you are on their side.

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