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Technicalities vs. Technicalities

Posted on July 28, 2016

By David Burress

Operation Rescue’s intellectual honesty at work: technicalities vs technicalities.


Some liars supported by Wichita’s OR had illegally slandered Planned Parenthood.  Yesterday they got off from criminal charges in Houston on a legal technicality. Naturally, OR says they were “vindicated.” (They still face criminal investigations in several other states, as well as a civil defamation law suit.) The technicality is that the Grand Jury had adjourned and reconvened without an official warrant to investigate the criminals.


However in 2006 when George Tiller refused to testify before a Grand Jury, OR referred to Fifth Amendment rights as a “technicality” that prevented Tiller from facing justice.


Memory refresher: the liars belong to an organization called “Center for Medical Progress,” which was supported by Operation Rescue. They had secretly recorded a conversation with PPA where they fraudulently claimed to be medical researchers, then re-edited the tapes to make it appear that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts. This slander then fueled the nation-wide radical right effort to defund all PPA health clinics (including clinics that do not perform abortion).

1 thought on “Technicalities vs. Technicalities”

  1. Here is OR on Tiller’s fifth amendment rights:
    Technicality Helps Tiller Avoid Grand Jury
    Tiller was able to avoid testifying before the grand jury due to a technicality in the law that was fully exploited by his legal team. The threat of drawing out the process for up to eighteen months — and still not getting any pertinent information — did not appeal to the jurors. In the end, they gave up trying to interview him.
    “George Tiller never showed his face,” the source said. “He got his attorney to give us a little by-law where he could go beyond pleading the Fifth and it could stretch this thing out to up to eighteen months. We took a vote. If he did show up, would we ever get any information out of him? No. We chose to leave him still to be able to be charged instead of giving him immunity. The judge would not let us do that anyway. He said, ‘I’m not — there’s no way I’m giving him immunity.’”
    Source: http://www.operationrescue.org/…/grand-jury-source…/

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