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Suggestions for Police Conduct

Posted on February 3, 2016

By David Burress

Scott Brunsov, who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, died in a hospital last Monday after an altercation at the Saline County Jail. Police say “It appears he suffered from cardiac arrest,” which of course is true in all deaths. The KBI is investigating.

I propose some inferences.
1. A death after a police altercation is nearly always caused in part by that altercation.
2. Whenever a police altercation causes a death, there is some other way the situation could have been handled that would have avoided the death.
3. Finding such an alternative would usually require imaginative changes in police equipment, procedures, and training, and perhaps also recruitment.
4. Investigation by standard police agencies seeking to allocate blame will never identify those possible alternatives. What is needed is investigation by an independent research group not charged with assessing blame but rather with recommending new procedures.

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