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Starving Kansas for the “Job Creators”

Posted on February 11, 2016

By David Burress

Radical Republicans used to call their strategy “starve the beast” until they realized that was bad PR. Now we are finding out who exactly they view as the subhuman beasts that deserve to be starved. Today’s Kansas budget adjustments single out the following monsters and goblins for sustenance deprivation:
1. state retirees expecting to draw on the KPERS fund they were promised;
2. people who don’t want highways to keep deteriorating;
3. uninsured people who could have drawn on federal Medicaid expansion at no cost to the state;
4. people receiving KANCARE help so they can stay in their own home;
5. KU convention marketers that are too successful;
6. Miscelaneous Madicaid patients;
7. Bioscience economic developers.
All of this is being done in the worthy cause of fattening up the allegedly superhuman jobcreators known as business owners, now exempt from incomes taxes.
We are still waiting for the jobs.

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