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Results of Gerrymandering

Posted on October 3, 2016

By David Burress

The logical endpoint and asymptotically approaching radical right plan: one-term term limits. After one term, an outsider becomes an insider, and meanwhile the ever-radicalizing movement-conservatism has moved even further to the right. So they primary-out the incumbent and move on. As long they have 218 gerrymandered GOP-safe House districts, there is no logical stopping point to this game.


The Koch brothers have to love it, because it will bring national government to a dead halt. Indeed, we are almost there.


Meanwhile, radical rightists in Congress prevent action on the problems we face, leading to more alienated voters, leading to more radical right voters.

Those who think Trump is the main danger need to look to the House elections–and beyond that, to the statehouse elections that lead to the gerrymandering.

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