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Responding to ACA Sabotage

Posted on March 27, 2017

By David Burress

The new GOP plan is to “let ACA fail,” which means destroying it from within. There are many small to medium technical changes they can impose to that effect. especially but not only with respect to funding. Trump has already begun that by stopping advertisements for the ACA exchange (so people won’t know their rights) and by issuing a general executive order not to collect fees related to ACA. Expect much more in the future.


Progressives need to keep up a steady barrage of counterattacks pointing out how these stealthy subversions will remove health care coverage.

Unfortunately, it is hard to come up with a response to Trump efforts to prevent healthy people from enrolling by removing penalties. I think elected officers who support the ACA need to talk to the insurance companies that will be hurt, pointing out how long it is likely to be until an ACA replacement rolls around.

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