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The Real Hot Seat

Posted on February 17, 2017

By David Burress

If I were a TV host interviewing a politician, I’d have running totals at the bottom of the screen, giving numbers of: evasions; mainly truthful straight answers; straight answers that were misleading or direct lies or falsehoods; and evasive lies not responsive to a question.


A shrewd interviewer could make those calls as the conversation progresses, sentence by sentence, (or have a co-anchor do so).  He would also need a cutoff switch for the interviewee’s mike.  There could be a running transcript showing the most recent statements as they are being weighed.  The host could have an expert group checking out lies in the background. When the guest gets a fact wrong, he could be given a chance to back down.  There could also be a post-appearance challenge procedure.

Another segment could be “empty statements,” where the guest made a general or overbroad statement he could not give facts to support.

Call the program something like “the Real Hot Seat” and dare politicians and talking heads to appear on it.


1 thought on “The Real Hot Seat”

  1. Granted that many right-wingers currently in office would rarely appear on a such a show.  That may give it the perception of partisan–unless you view science and objective journalism as per se partisan.

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