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Profit Driven Policing

Posted on February 15, 2016

By David Burress

–In Ferguson the police were tasked with raising money with opportunistic tickets on poor people.
— Lots of small town speed traps have filled the local city hall coffers.
–In Pennsylvania a judge was sentenced to 28 years for selling juveniles to a profit-driven kiddie prison.
–private prisons are suing state governments that don’t provide enough convicts.
–all across the country, cops are busting car drivers simply because the police get to keep the car and its contents.

In Kansas the cops can keep your car and your money without even getting any conviction for a crime and then add it to their own budget without going through the legislature. All they have to do is make an allegation of crime and show in civil court that it is 51% likely, which is easily done by testilying cops facing a poor person who can’t afford a lawyer because the cops seized her money.
Fortunately, this is an issue the radical right is not currently politicizing, and it scares right-wingers as well as left -wingers. As the war on drugs dies down, there is a chance of real reform in Kansas.

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