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Parts in Place for Autocracy

Posted on January 9, 2017

By David Burress

The Patriot Act plus the NSA system of dragnet eavesdropping give a Presidential would-be dictator all the tools necessary for establishing an autocracy.


For example, NSA spying can locate most of the people who are outspoken against the administration, while the FBI can use unlimited National Security Letters to secretly investigate everything about them and find or invent something to prosecute and/or provide content for blackmail find more. (Recall that J Edger Hoover used similar practices on a much smaller scale to maintain himself in power in the face of hatred from nearly every President he served under.)

Therefore I predict that, deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy, someone has already drawn up a blueprint on how to establish an effective dictatorship in times of perceived or manufactured national emergency, but written in sanitized language.

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