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One Step Away From a Pogrom

Posted on January 9, 2017

By David Burress

US is one step away from initiating a secret pogrom against any ethnic or religious group–
in the sense that all of the machinery already exists. For example:

1. Private data vendors are already selling your ethic, religious, political affiliations.
2. US police agencies are already purchasing personal data from these vendors.
3. US police agencies already have authority under the Patriot Act to investigate anyone secretly without a warrant, and to forbid third parties from telling you that you are being investigated–forever.
4. Police agencies are already using your cell phone GPS data to constantly track the location of suspects. (E.g. if they know your location was at a certain house, it will be relatively easy to find the name of your secret lover.)
5. There are no effective and general procedures to prevent any data turned up from being used for blackmail or career destruction or marriage sabotage.
6. And of course the NSA data on your emails is always available as a last resort.

1 thought on “One Step Away From a Pogrom”

  1. It’s important to remember that in any tyranny, people also get targeted for data errors, or because someone wants your property or because they need random scapegoats. And that tyranny depends on the widespread false belief that you personally are safe. A few have responded to this post, throwing up cautions, some suggesting that the above words are of a paranoia. Allow me to be even clearer:
    I am not claiming that a fascist coup is in the works. I am claiming the demonstrable fact that the machinery is in place, and has been in place since the Bush II administration. I don’t know of any way to oppose future use and, ultimately, existence of that machinery except to point out that it does exist.

    Paranoia refers clinically to a false belief as to persecution. So, if you wonder if I’m being paranoid, please locate in this post what belief I have that you view as false.

    There is no precise term for the opposite false belief, namely a complacency in the face of real threats. However the Victorian slang term “podsnappery” comes close. It refers to a perennial complacency and refusal to face facts. Are you denying that a potentially tyrannical machinery is already in place?

    One person suggested to me that this moment in history is merely a repeat of the ugly McCarthy era, and that it was successfully fought with legal action, vigilance and mass activism. Those are all important, but we need more: a movement to actually reverse unfair laws and practices that actually exist. I fail to see how we could have such a thing without identifying the danger. Paradoxically, positive reform might actually be possible, with the help of elements in the far right.

    As a 60’s veteran, my experience was different from that of adults in the McCarthy years. Many in the McCarthy generation were successfully intimidated; not so in mine. We knew all about police repression and we fought it. Therefore I do not perceive calling attention to repressive machinery as an invitation for crawling into a hole.

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