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Objective Journalism vs. “Balanced” Journalism

Posted on December 9, 2016

By David Burress

Objective journalism means debunking falsehood and revealing the truth.


“Balanced” journalism aims at a far lower standard– it means giving equal time to truth and falsehood, being careful to make no judgement between them.


Profit-maximizing journalism, as practiced by the Mainstream Media, usually fails even that despicable test, insofar as falsehood sells more newspapers than truth. For example, 70% of MSM coverage of Hillary was devoted to an utterly contrived email scandal, thus perpetrating the falsehood that something of earth-shaking importance to the future of the US was under discussion.   Meanwhile, Climate Change, which presents the greatest existential threat to human kind, received 0% of MSM coverage, excluding the brief moments that certain candidates for Presidents made mention of it, unsolicited by broadcast anchors and moderators.


Fox News, of course, shoots for an even lower standard: conveying the maximum amount of falsehood that is consistent with making a profit.

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