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Posted on July 18, 2016

By David Burress

We have started research into billionaire oil magnates, Charles and David Koch’s, financial influence on Kansas state politics and legislation.


Our new website has been updated and filled with steady content at www.kansasprogress.org


KPI president and founder, David Burress, is working on a biographical case files series, based on a book he is writing tentatively-titled “Antiabortion as Violence”:

The first case file is available on this site by clicking here: How to Get Away with Murder Incitement


What You Can Do

We are a small organization with big ideas, so we need your help to continue the important work we do. Donate by sending a check to 912 Holiday Dr., Lawrence, KS 66049


Upcoming Events

1st annual member meeting will be Saturday, July 23rd 2 p.m. at 912 Holiday Dr. Lawrence, KS 66049


Agenda for membership meeting:



Election of officers and Board:
David Burress, President
Creed Shepard, Vice President
Theresa Bird, Secretary-Treasurer

1. Adopt bylaw amendments
2. Adopt new dues structure

Summary of Bylaw Amendments:
1. Change name in bylaws (Ad Astra Institute) to agree with legal name (Kansas Progress Institute)
2. Allow annual membership meeting in any month
3. Allow payment for service on Board or as Officer.

New Dues Structure:
$10 student or low income
$25 supporting member
$50 sustaining member
(Note: dues are deductible for itemized federal income taxes and for Kansas income taxes)


Our Blog

Koch-backed Bill Does Nothing for Actual Free Speech

Last Thursday, the House Ways and Means has reported out a bill supported by the Koch brothers and based, as usual, on a lie. In this case, the lie is that the bill will protect the American right to engage in anonymous free speech. Granted that there should be, and is, such a right. However what this bill actually does is something entirely different: it protects the (already existing) de facto privilege for rich people to exercise scurrilous anonymous speech illegally subsidized by a tax loophole. I say it is illegal, because the 501(c)(3) tax loophole is supposed to be used only for socially worthy purposes such as education and research, and not for partisan propaganda. I say it is currently existing, because much of, and probably a majority of, money flowing through the Kochtopus empire makes illegal use of 501(c)(3) anonymity.

To read the remainder of this post: http://kansasprogress.org/koch-backed-bill-does-nothing-for-actual-free-speech/


As always, thank you for reading,

-David Burress
President of Kansas Progress Institute

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