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More Impunity for Police

Posted on November 30, 2016

By David Burress

This Sunday Olathe police shot a man, apparently in the back, and killed him.  He did not have a gun but may have been carrying a weapon.  Cops say the man was attacking officers.  A witness says he was running away and the witness tried to videotape it but a plainclothes cop prevented him additional hints.

The cop violated the Constitutional right of the witness to photograph public events, especially including police action.


Therefore I think it is reasonable to assume that:

1. the plainclothes cop’s motive was to prevent oversight of the police;
2. the police lied about the continuing attack; and
3. the police committed an unjustifiable killing for resisting arrest.
Based on nearly invariable American patterns, it is reasonable to predict that
4. The truth will never come out.
5. No police officer will be disciplined for killing the man.





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