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Koch-Owned Dishonest Economics Strikes Again

Posted on March 1, 2017

By David Burress

Dave Trabert is president of Kansas Policy Institute, hence ex officio a Koch publicist and make-believe researcher.  His op ed in the Kansas City Star today claims that no tax increase is needed to fill the sink-hole in the Kansas State budget.   In terms of Koch ideology he is entirely correct.  If you are opposed to all of the nonviolent wings of government on principle, then of course the best thing to do is cut expenditures.  That must mean drastic cuts in education, because it constitutes the majority of the budget.


Trabert claims of course that cutting education won’t actually hurt.  For example, stealing “excess” local cash reserves won’t hurt—unless of course there are unexpected costs, or unless tax funding is received much later than some payroll periods when salaries must be paid, events that routinely do occur.  Also, immense sums are available from the usual suspects, namely waste and fraud (though Trabert is unable to identify specific examples).


And on the tax side, Trabert claims great alligator-tear sympathy for middle class people who will pay for tax increases, and also for people who will forced out of jobs by the tax increase.  News flashes: polls show that Kansans are willing to higher taxes for education, while Trabert’s theories on taxes and jobs were utterly discredited by the Brownback experiment—as predicted by all mainstream economists.


Note how easy it is to get radical right propaganda into a major newspaper. In contrast, the Star to my knowledge has never run a full-blown left-socialist op ed on any topic.  They view non-radical progressive Democrats and real economists like Paul Krugman as equal weight to radical right utopian libertarians and non-economists like Dave Trabert.

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