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Kansas Needs to Discourage Fracking

Posted on June 30, 2016

By David Burress

US gas and oil production depends on waste water injection, which causes earthquakes. The earthquakes may last up to a hundred years after injection ends. Texas regulators do nothing. Other states trade off varying amounts of oil profit per earthquake. Oklahoma allows a lot of profit and earthquakes, Kansas allows less profit and quakes, Ohio has shut down most of the quakes. We need a US fossil fuel tax to discourage Kansas earthquakes and encourage Kansas solar power.

And to be clear, this means I do support higher fuel taxes.  Petroleum is fungible into untaxed electric power. Also natural gas is currently untaxed.  Ask yourself, what will be more costly, paying a higher amount for filling up your tank while (for as long there are not reasonable alternatives to fossil fuel), or paying the higher taxes required for the clean up and rebuilding of infrastructure caused by such earthquakes?

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