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Kancare Expansion

Posted on April 3, 2017

By David Burress

Medicaid expansion has now passed both houses of the Kansas legislature, but with not quite enough votes to withstand the expected veto from Governor Brownback. The biggest issue preventing an override of the veto seems to be the right-wing claim that it is not revenue neutral. In particular, they do agree that taxes on the expected new medical income would be enough to cover direct costs to Kansas.


There is a possible solution to that. Last session, I believe Kansas hospitals agreed to support a tax on hospitals sufficient to cover the costs to Kansas. Now granted, right-wingers are opposed to all taxes on principle, but maybe they could make an exception for a special purpose tax supported by the intended tax payers. (Also maybe you could call it a KanCare participation fee.) 


I’m not close enough to the politics, but maybe someone can help me out. Was there any discussion of a special tax on hospitals during this session? In any case, maybe Kancare expansion supporters could try again this session with a hospital tax included. (Or maybe Brownback will accept an appointment to Italy in time to prevent a second veto.)

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