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Johnson County Kids More Equal

Posted on December 12, 2016

By David Burress

1. All Kansas school kids are equal, but also

2. Johnson County kids are more equal.

Or at least that seems to be Steve Rose’s message, when he says;

1. “all students in Kansas schools deserve and have the right to a high-quality education. There should be no laggards due to funding. And there should be no mediocrity due to inadequate funding. Kansas kids are the state’s highest priority. Period.”
But also
2. “That brings us to the Johnson County question that was virtually ignored in the original 1992 school funding plan — that now must be a vital part of any future school finance formula. What can Johnson County districts do on their own to take education to an even higher level, if that is the desire of local patrons?”

Question: why are Johnson County kids more equal?


Answer: because they have more money.

Here is the brutal political economy of it all:
If Johnson County can vote for higher education funding at the local level, they will inevitably vote for lower education funding at the state level.
Equal funding is the only political effective way to force politicians to vote for a reasonably high level of funding for everyone.

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