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Izzy’s method

Posted on May 17, 2017

By David Burress

To my mind, I.F. Stone was the greatest left-wing journalist of my lifetime. He did almost all of his work by concentrating on two sources: Newspapers and government documents. He knew that EVERY SOURCE has biases. Therefore ferreting out the truth is a matter of cross-comparing sources while forming an ever-more-sophisticated theory of how each source was biased.

In my opinion, modern ideologues of left and right typically;
1. refuse to admit that almost all political data originally comes from newspapers and government documents (plus a tiny amount of original reporting by internet bloggers);
2. refuse to admit that their own preferred sources are biased;
3. refuse to admit that the sources they dismiss as “biased” also contain usable information; and
4. have utterly naive theories about bias works out in complex cases.


That leads them to live in a hermetically sealed factual world unable to make contact with any human-wide conversation.

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