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Impunity For Police

Posted on September 12, 2016

By David Burress

A Lawrence cop crashed a man’s skull into a car and then broke a bystander firefighter’s arm when he tried to intervene zovirax pills. The firefighter sued. The judge held that crashing a skull casts no light on the immediate state of mind and self control of the cop, and therefore should be kept secret from the jury lest it bias them against the normal presumptions that cops always tell the truth and always uphold the law and always behave reasonably. That made the lawsuit hopeless, since the cop need only testify that arm-breaking was the degree of force needed in his best professional judgment to control an out-of-control fireman. 

Moral: be very careful when dealing with Lawrence cops. They are not subject to a reasonable level of discipline.

Two years after the event, the cop resigned, presumably under pressure. Nevertheless, the message sent to cops is that they enjoy a substantial degree of impunity when they they enter into avoidable violence.

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