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Fiscal irresponsibility of Nuclear Power

Posted on April 26, 2016

By David Burress

According to a standard center-right meme leftists are antiscience because they oppose nuclear power as a cure for climate change. In reality, that meme is itself based on social science denial. Nuclear power is just not economically competitive. Moreover, what makes it even remotely affordable is the immense value of the unfair and unwarranted Price-Anderson subsidy, which as far as I know has never, ever been mention by pro-nukers in this context. (Price-Anderson says that nukes do not have to carry adequate insurance to cover catastrophes.) Without Price-Anderson, every commercial reactor would close down forthwith. Moreover, the widespread leftwing belief that nukes are just too dangerous is perfectly realistic and is at the heart of both of these economic problems.

Another problem never mentioned by pro-nukers is that nuclear reactors come on line too slowly to have much impact on climate change. Wind farms can go up in a year or two; it takes 6 weeks to put solar on your roof. By the time new nukes come on line, based on current price trajectories solar and wind will be so cheap they will wish they hadn’t.

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