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False Flag Disability Groups

Posted on September 7, 2016

By David Burress

A 14 year Wisconsin old girl, who has never walked and is in constant pain, has chosen to refuse painful medical interventions and die in a hospice (with her parents’ permission). A gaggle of groups falsely claiming to represent disability rights has asked child welfare authorities to intervene.

These groups oppose direct suicide, oppose any decision by a child to refuse painful medical treatment to prolong a unsatisfactory existence, and also oppose allowing comatose individuals to die a natural death (which they falsely describe as “euthanasia.”)

In reality, therefore, they do not support anyone’s rights. Instead they oppose the rights of individuals to make choices for themselves, and the right of family members to make choices for terminally incapacitated individuals.

These groups claim to oppose euthanasia, but true euthanasia is already illegal almost everywhere. That is, it is not legal to actively put another individual to death. Rightly, however, by the 1989 Supreme Court decision in Cruzan v Missouri Department of Health (courtesy of the Missouri ACLU), no family can be compelled to artificially keep a permanently comatose family member alive.

1 thought on “False Flag Disability Groups”

  1. I agree that no one should be pressured to die. I also agree that an advocacy group devoted to that issue without going overboard to oppose all suicide would be useful. These groups don’t do that. They are infused with Catholic-style anti-suicide ideology and do not represent the interests of most people with disabilities.
    I also recognize that some persons with disabilities think otherwise. Some of them also oppose abortion of fetus with disabilities on the grounds that it demeans disabilities. I think they are dead wrong. While I agree that no one should be pressured to abort a fetus because it had disabilities, I also think it wrong for these groups to guilt trip women who abort a fetus because they do not feel up to caring for it. And it is also wrong to guilt trip people who choose suicide or natural death rather than lead a low-quality life (or who ask for medical assistance to that end).
    And also, please don’t try to guilt trip me for looking down on PWDs (which is their major propaganda theme). I don’t. I have serious disabilities of my own, which are getting worse. If the time comes when I am no longer functional at doing things I care about, I fully expect to commit suicide. And I think it is a damn shame I cannot get medical assistance to that end In Kansas. Since I cannot, I may have to kick off somewhat earlier in order to avoid getting trapped in a situation where I lack the physical capability to do myself in. (I could move to Oregon, but that is too large a project to undertake with an end-of-life physical condition.)

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