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The Everyone Votes Act

Posted on January 17, 2017

By David Burress

As usual, progressives are fighting defensive wars against issues selected by the radical right.  While we have no choice but to defend the programs they attack, we also need affirmative initiatives to put them on defense.  I believe a new voting rights act should be a top issue.  It is the one issue that unites nearly every progressive faction and nearly every form of progressive identity politics, because voter suppression tactics (implemented by right wingers in nearly half the country), discriminate, statistically speaking, against women, blacks, Hispanics, poor people, progressives, people who tend to vote for one party, convicts and ex-convicts, young people, unemployed people, and even independents in favor of well-off middle-aged white male Republicans.

The slogan and the goal should be: everyone votes.
There is no possibility of passing a national EVA given the current power configuration in Congress, but we can begin passing model EVAs at the state level, particularly in “blue states”, and ought to start now.  We can raise the issue in every election, and we can organize a national movement.

The details of the EVA can be lengthy, but there should be no great difficulty in agreeing on demands.  Quite simply, it should be the state’s responsibility to register everyone and then make every effort to get them to the polls.

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