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Evasiveness on Health Care

Posted on July 5, 2017

By David Burress

Mona Charon criticizes GOP health care evasiveness and then gets evasive.


Charon excoriates the Congressional GOP’s evasiveness from a position at the National Review hard right: “Republicans are not the party of free-market reform anymore (if they ever were).” Then she waxes wroth for a while against the United Kingdom health care system because a Member of Parliament asked the Prime Minister about care for one constituent. And finally she concludes “The goal of replacing a top-down, bureaucratically controlled health-delivery system (it’s not insurance) with a more market-oriented system now recedes over the horizon.”


Yet in a 760-word column Charon never manages to reveal:


–Does she support or oppose universal coverage? (I’m pretty sure she’s opposed but too chicken-shit to admit it.)
–Does she think coverage should only be available to those who can afford it? (I’m guessing a chicken-shit yes.)
–Does she want to end Medicaid as such? (Same answer, but she’d probably support some form of chicken-shit concealed glide path to zero.)


Now admittedly, using words like “chicken-shit” in a political discussion is generally an anti-social and uncivil act.


But then so is attempting to remove health care from millions of people without ever confronting the fact that millions of people are likely to die unnecessary deaths.

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