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Educated Elites Part 3

Posted on September 27, 2016

By David Burress

Here is example of how the Educated Elite have a natural tendency towards egalitarianism.

Consider the legal profession. Legal practice is informed by a concept of justice that depends on two sides to a dispute making their best available arguments, assisted by legal professionals. Now many of those professionals are attracted to law based on desire for goods such as power or status of money. However law itself depends on intrinsic notions of equal access and equality before the law, and these notions naturally push lawyers as a class to tilt, albeit in a slow and gradual way, towards reforms that equalize access to legal services.

Similar stories can be told for all of the professions. Every profession holds out some notions of universal access that push toward equality. Doctors are upset by people lacking health care, teachers by people lacking education, preachers by people who haven’t heard the Good News. 

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