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Disunity Among Elites on the Right

Posted on August 5, 2016

By David Burress

I do not entirely understand the struggles now going on for elite control over movement conservatism.
Talking Points Memo stated that, “Huelskamp’s agriculture record became a cornerstone of the campaign as outside money poured into the race from major donors. The Koch brothers and the Club For Growth backed Huelskamp while the conservative Ending Spending Action Fund, a group that relies heavily on the Ricketts family, supported Marshall.”
Huelskamp belongs to the Freedom Caucus, which is the even-nutsier-wing of the Congressional Tea Party. So the Kochs are backing the nutsiest TPers, Yet they are opposing the Trumpites who rely on the rank-and-file nut cases they stirred up.


So the Koch’s logic is: lets keep pushing the movement in a more radical direction, even though that leads to an out-of-control rank and file. Meanwhile the Ricketts’ logic seems to be to very slightly restrain the radicals in order to keep them under elite control.

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