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Dishonesty of the “Pro-Life” Movement

Posted on June 29, 2016

By David Burress

Read the ruling statements on the recent SCOTUS decision on the Texas abortion law.  and rationally uestion: how can a movement claiming to be motivated by pure moral uplift be so dishonest about simple facts?
Consider several facts:
1. All mainstream antiabortionist organizations quite explicitly value the life of the fetus over the health of the mother in all cases of possible conflict.
2. Antiabortionist organizations have accomplished enactment of numerous TRAPs (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) in most states.
3. Antiabortionist organizations have adamantly claimed that TRAPs are intended to protect the health of the mother rather than the life of the fetus (especially though only in legislative testimony). The Attorney General of Texas repeated those claims to SCOTUS.
4. Many antiabortion organizations expressed great joy about abortion clinics being closed down by TRAPs.
5. Many antiabortionist organizations are now expressing great anguish that several TRAPs were struck down by SCOTUS.
A reasonable person would conclude that these organizations were systematically lying about the purpose of TRAPs.
As additional evidence, no reputable medical organizations support these TRAPs, and SCOTUS explicitly held they do not protect the health of the mother.
And indeed the SCOTUS ruling directly finds that reasons given by antiabortion organizations about the purpose of these TRAPs were pretextual, i.e. lies (see page 2 of the document.)

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