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Demographics on Trump Support

Posted on October 18, 2016

By David Burress

An anomaly among Trump supporters and Tea Partyites, not yet adequately explained: they have

1. typically less than a college degree, yet
2. somewhat higher average income than Democrats.
So “blue collar” is not an adequate description.
Here are some key (overlapping) influences you need to juggle:

1. Radical religious right
2. Explicit and implicit racists
3. Impacted rural areas with a declining way of life
4. Southern whites
5. Radical right small business owners
6. Downwardly mobile white males

Southern whites might be the most important category. That includes a good share of all the other categories.

But what explains the northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains? Maybe impacted rural areas more than anything (plus heavily white and religious right).
That plus border states of Indiana, Missouri, and West Virginia pretty much covers Trump territory.

Still, why so many Trumpites in urban areas like Wichita and Johnson County?

And where do all those angry white males live?

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