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By Deeds Not Words Ye Shall Know Them

Posted on January 16, 2017

By David Burress

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach’s claim to fame is combating hypothetical voter fraud.  Despite expanded police power he has not located one single case of actual intentional fraud.  However his constant machinations of the registration machinery (which failed every legal test that reached a ruling) led to substantial numbers of voter registrations lost by his office. Around 1% of all Kansas votes were rejected in last Fall’s election.   We do not know how many of those were thrown out illegally, but it could have been enough to shift some local elections.


Kobach’s deeds consist entirely in suppressing actual legitimate Kansas voters.  His words consist entirely in attacks on hypothetical illegal Kansas voters.


Kobach’s voter suppression extends far beyond the 1%.  A large but unknown number of legitimate voters tried but failed to register.  Another large number were never asked to register because Kobach’s rules made independent voter registration drives essentially impossible.


Academic studies show that suppressed voters are disproportionately independents and Democrats.  Some Republican officials in other states have even admitted that the goal of complex registration rules is to suppress votes for Democrats.

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