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Climate Change Denier Logic–Hint: Something to Do With Protecting Large Oil Companies

Posted on April 26, 2016

By David Burress

George Will, a post-modern climate denier, is accusing Democratic Attorney Generals of censorship and authoritarianism because they are suing Exxon-mobile over its climate-change speech.


Actually, they are suing Exxon-mobile for censoring its own scientific research and then lying about it.

In Will’s post-modern universe:
1. It is not “climate change denial” if you merely raise a series of fall-back questions and present biased data designed to prevent regulation of CO2 pollution (e.g. how good are the models? are there other causes of change? will regulation work? Is it worth the cost?)
2. It is censorship to sue people for practicing censorship of scientific research.
3. It is a violation for free speech rights to criminalize presenting false data to regulators.
4. Scientists need not accept any special rules about intellectual honesty.
5. Corporations deserve tax deductions for corporate campaigns of profit-motivated science denial.
6. Movement-conservative think tanks have a free-speech right to keep secret their tax-deductible contracts with Mobile-Exxon to produce climate disinformation, even if it violates 501(c)(3) regulations on think tanks.

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