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Call to Call Out the “alt right”

Posted on January 2, 2017

By David Burress

The “alt right” don’t like being called bigots.  Let’s take them at their word: we should point out the hate concealed in their rhetoric rather than in their nature.
So when they use euphemisms like “human biodiversity” we should point out they actually mean whites should kick blacks out of white territory.


And when they inevitably call their debate opponents “libtards” we should unpack at least four layers of hate:
1. They despite “liberals” as an entire class.
2. They despise all individuals with mental disabilities.
3. They despise the social conventions they call “political correctness,” meaning they want the freedom to put down entire categories of human beings and then expect accolades rather than any public criticism for their cruelty.
4. They hate actual conservatives who do try to conserve traditional social rules against exhibiting terribly bad manners in public.

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