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Bullies in Charge in Topeka

Posted on May 27, 2016

By David Burress

The radical right loves many things, including:
–bullying designated scapegoats such as gays and transexuals and school children
–repressing sexuality
–skirting the delicious edges of open hypocrisy
–raising divisive issues to change the subject from their own fiscal incompetence
–grandstanding on feckless issues to whip up their irrational mob of supporters
–beating up on black folks indirectly, or not so indirectly in the case of Obama
–attacking officials for enforcing laws they don’t like.

Imagine the joy in Topeka therefore when an opportunity emerged to do all these things at once. Now they are planning to waste a veto session arguing about a resolution that will have zero concrete effect other than encouraging illegal local bullying of LGBT kids at school.

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