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Aversion to Action and Discussion

Posted on February 15, 2016

By David Burress

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle (R-Wichita) is a long-time opponent of education. Around here, she is most famous for her failed efforts to punish University of Kansas Professor Dennis Daily for the crime of teaching an accurate and highly popular course on human sexuality, circa 2003. Now she is shocked SHOCKED that the Kansas Supreme Court gave the legislature so little time to fix its unconstitutional changes in K-12 funding formulas and amounts—and with so little warning!—since such a complex matter obviously requires extensive discussions. So she doesn’t plan to take any action at all.

The court gave the legislature a final June deadline and threatened to close down the entire K12 system if the funding system has not been fixed by this Fall. Actually, this issue has been looked at repeatedly by Kansas courts, always with the same outcome. (Which was the leading motivation for ongoing radical right efforts to hogtie the independent Kansas judiciary, by the way.) We had a perfectly acceptable funding system as a result of previous Supreme Court orders, but Wagle, Brownback, and the rest of the radical right statehouse gang first subverted it and then junked it for a block grant system in 2015. (With very little open discussion, by the way.)

There is of course a simple solution that does not require extensive discussion: go back to the system we had, which actually worked. But of course we “don’t have the money” to pay for it. Meaning we would need to undo the Brownbackistanian tax cuts. (Tax cuts that Brownback had solemnly promised would never hurt K12 funding, by the way).

So everything is connected on the radical right: attacks on the tax base, attacks on education, attacks on the legislative process, attacks on the courts—all covered over by attacks on the truth.

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