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The Anti-VA Scam

Posted on March 6, 2017

By David Burress

More bad news on Veteran’s Hospitals wait lists, followed by more outrage from the same regressive right wingers on Capitol Hill who caused it in the first place by cutting the VA budget.  They also set up a race-to-the-bottom system of sending patients to outside vendors (at higher costs) when the waitlist gets too long, thereby:


1. making the wait list longer yet

2. allowing Republicans to complain, about waste they caused (without acknowledging it of course).

3. using “waste” as an excuse for advancing the goal of privatizing the VA        

4.advancing the general right wing goal of privatizing as much government as possible

5. creating new private corporations sucking the public tit as right wing allies

6. advancing the general right wing goal of proving that government is chuck full of waste and fraud, and

7.  supporting tax cuts based on the false premise that eliminating waste will pay for the tax cuts.


This entire game plan was invented long ago by billionaire libertarians (much of it was well-established by the 1920s). The Koch brothers are the current ring leaders, and also best-ever generals of the billionaire war on government as such.

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