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Another Week of New Demagogic Bills in Kansas

Posted on February 26, 2016

By David Burress

The hits kept coming this week from the crazy regressives in the Kansas House and Senate.  Behold:

On Monday, the Kansas House passed Kansas Constitutional amendment motivated by hatred of gun regulation, (framed in friendlier terms by the Lawrence Journal World, of course)

Also on Monday the Kansas House rejected a bill for good surface reasons mixed with hatred of minorities.

On Tuesday, the Kansas Senate voted on a bill motivated by hatred of gays and public school

Also on Tuesday, the Kansas Senate passes bill motivated by hatred of income tax and other broad based tax and a preference for highly regressive fees.

Even more on Tuesday, the Kansas Senate passed a bill motivated by hatred of teenage sex. (They lowered penalties for sexting, but only in hopes of getting more prosecutions.)

Not to be totally outdone by the Senate, the Kansas House passes a bill motivated by hatred of the movement to regulate concussion in football. 

On Wednesday, the Kansas Senate passed a bill motivated by desire to make private profit out of hatred for government.

On Thursday, the Kansas Senate passed a bill based on hatred of welfare recipients.

Astonishingly, the Kansas House or Senate did advance three bills that will save Kansas money, even though they are based on generally accepted common sense.  One a bill to overhaul the juvenile justice system,  a bill to help the microbrew industry and a bill to release more qualifying low risk prisoners who are parents.


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