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Another Note on Identity Politics

Posted on December 21, 2016

By David Burress

When you say identity politics is divisive, you are saying that oppressed groups should not organize themselves against oppression. You are also revealing a curious belief that oppression will just go away if they don’t organize.

The problem with identity politics is not its existence, but rather the widespread failure of those who engage in it to join broader coalitions, and to make all the compromises that entails.

1 thought on “Another Note on Identity Politics”

  1. KPI Board Member Nate Carlsen wrote: “Specific issues in the world of identity politics are intimately related to issues typically not seen as IP. For example, racism is very much related to issues of economic justice. To focus narrowly on one issue without incorporating the larger whole is to not properly see the issue. On the other hand, the interconnectedness of IP issues with other issues provides a means for unification.

    “I think a dynamic worth pointing out in this connection is that someone who is very passionate about a single issue, usually for very justifiable reasons, might be seen as merely a zealot and dismissed by the broader community. This only isolates that person, makes them feel like their opinion is not being heard and that the issue is not getting addressed. This further reinforces, in their mind, the need to defend the issue. For the purposes of unification, it takes an effort by the broader community to reach out to that person or group and understand. Among many other things.”

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