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A Point of Rhetoric

Posted on January 4, 2017

By David Burress

As a matter of non-Orwellian discourse, you cannot be both a radical and a conservative. Conservatives by definition seek to preserve the existing order, while radicals by definition seek to overturn it.
As an empirical matter there seem to be very few true conservatives left in the national GOP.  All of them vote most of the time for consistently radical positions, and none of them fully accept the informal norms of self-restraint that are necessary for practicing an actual democracy (such as actually allowing a vote on whether or not to accept the President’s appointees).  The GOP platform in 2016 included a piece meal elimination of the very successful bipartisan-created National Park System, a privatization of Social Security and Medicare to successful public programs that still retain support from conservatives and liberals.

Granted there are a few politicians like John McCain who occasionally vote their conscience, before returning to the party-line radicalism imposed by the Republican primary process. However most of the time they vote radical.


So please never call them conservatives. Always use terms such as “right-wing radicals.”

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