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Definition of Black

Posted on February 29, 2016

By David Burress

To detect a racist, look carefully at his claimed definition of the word “black.” As actually used in America, that word does not refer to culture, social class, biology, ancestral continent, upbringing, or prior experience. It refers always and only to that group of people who are unfairly discriminated against in America based on dark skin. Insisting on any other definition reveals a racist of one or another kind.
Leonard Pitts Jr. gives the example of the black Presidential Candidate Benjamin Carson using a racist definition of “black.” Nevertheless, a definition given by a black person might be a different situation. It might merely constitute a mistaken theory of what it is that nonblacks are prejudiced against. But when a white person proposes mistaken theories as to what white people mean by “black,” there is always an element of exculpation

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