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A Failed Leader

Posted on October 6, 2016

By David Burress

Kansas State Senate President Susan Wagle is running scared, now that half of the Republican majority has either retired or been defeated in the primaries.


Wagle has been a staunch apostle of radical right causes, ever since she made a name for herself in 2003 by trying get KU Professor Dennis Dailey fired for teaching an honest course about sex. She loyally supported every last comma in the Brownback fiscal war on government. But now that the Laffer curve magic has failed to jump start the Kansas economy (just as it failed every other time it has been tried), Kansas voters are highly pissed off, and she gets doors slammed in her face when she tried to campaign.


 So she and 25 other senators have pledged to balance the state budget next year even if they have to undo some of the Brownback tax cut catastrophe. Small print: she says of course it will take more budget cuts as well. She doesn’t specify how that can possibly be done in an acceptable fashion after already (just for starters) eliminating new highway construction, drastically cutting services to children, destroying the mental health system, and cutting KU’s budget by a cumulative inflation-adjusted amount of over 20%. Almost all of that KU money has to be made up by tuition increases, which means that a major share of all Kansans are being priced out of a college degree. 

Meanwhile another billion dollar expense is coming down the pike when the Kansas Supreme Court upholds the lower court finding that K12 education funding is too low to meet Kansas Constitutional standards.

How possible is it for someone like Wagle, who has consistently demonstrated her allegiance to an already demonstrably failed ideology, to become a newly reformed member of the wrecking crew?  Especially when their only concrete promise is for more budget cuts.

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