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Cultural War Snapshot

Posted on August 4, 2016

By David Burress

If limousine liberals wore their emotions on bumper stickers, I’d suggest they should choose SCHADENFREUDE!  (Schaudenfreude is an emotion about an emotion, and a cool word because it is the first meta-emotion to be identified in the English language (even if we had to steal it from the Germans).
That’s sort of an in-joke, since it is an example of language usage that distinguishes the Educated Elites from the Trumpites, who are angry at the EEs for (among other crimes) reveling in language that distinguishes them from Trumpites. And also vice versa: Trump and his followers revel in gauche and inarticulate language that distinguishes them from the EEs.
Anyhow, I think a lot of EEs are suddenly experiencing the guilty pleasure you get when someone else (especially someone you dislike, in this case Trump) suffers comeuppance, especially one that causes him some degree of embarrassment or shame.

And of course it is precisely a sense of being unfairly condescended to or shamed by the EEs that drives much of the Trump phenomenon.

I’ll wait and see just how well our perception of a Trump implosion holds up.

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