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  • The Real Hot Seat
    February 17, 2017

    If I were a TV host interviewing a politician, I’d have running totals at the bottom of the screen, giving numbers of: evasions; mainly truthful straight answers; straight answers that were misleading or direct lies or falsehoods; and evasive lies not responsive to a question.   A shrewd interviewer could make those calls as the conversation progresses, ...

  • All Lives Matter?
    February 16, 2017

    The slogan “all lives matter” was popularized by folks who deep down actually believe the dead opposite, which is typical of right-wing propaganda.  They love to appropriate left wing egalitarian rhetoric, twisted with an underlying right wing antiegalitarian intent.   However, imagine a world where all lives really did matter.  Would that be a better world than ...

The latest from the blog: